Guests and Topics: July 23

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Uday (search) and Qusay’s (search) reign of terror comes to an end, so will this mean an end to the resistance of U.S. troops in Iraq? We’ll update the latest.

The King of Las Vegas, Mr. Wayne Newton, has returned from another visit with the troops and he will join us.

Friends of the hotel worker who has accused Kobe Bryant (search) of sexual assault say that the 19-year-old student has visible scars and bruises from the night of the alleged incident. Is this news damaging to the defense?

And could the fact that the alleged victim did not come forward until the next day make things tough for the prosecution?

Former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman and Randy Wyrick of the Vail Daily Reporter will assess the latest with the case.

Kobe is a black man and the alleged victim is a white woman, could race become a factor in this case? James M. Tume, of WRKS FM, will discuss the issue.

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