Topics and Guests, July 24

Bret Baier reports: The Pentagon released explicit photos of the bodies of Uday (search) and Qusay (search) in an effort to prove to the Iraqi people that they are free from Saddam’s two ‘chief henchman.’


Greg Kelly reports: Will the Iraqi’s rejoice or revolt after seeing the graphic images? Greg Kelly will update us from Baghdad (search).

Jim Angle reports: Why was it necessary to go to war with Iraq (search)? Vice President Cheney (search) gave a speech that focused on the big picture and the war on terror. We’ll show highlights.

Molly Henneberg reports: The 900 page 9/11 report explains that there is no single intelligence entity that could have prevented the terror attack. We will emphasize the important details from the report.

Brian Wilson reports: And how are the Democrats trying to use the 9/11 report to their benefit? We’ll have the story.

Claudia Cowan reports: It is likely that California Governor Gray Davis (search) will set a precedent in the state and become the first Governor to face a recall. Find out the latest.

Jennifer Griffin reports: Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (search) is in Washington to meet with President Bush about the status of the Roadmap for Peace (search).

Details on those stories and more on Special Report with Brit Hume.

— Guests and topics are subject to change