Daddy Was Rock 'n' Roll Royalty

For the kids of rock 'n' roll legends, fame is a four-letter word.

"It wouldn't matter if I was an astronaut," Teddy Richards, the grown son of Aretha Franklin (search), tells Bravo's (searchSinging in the Shadow: Children of Rock Royalty. "People still would say, 'Do you know who his mom is?'

"I could no sooner change that than I could get up and levitate from this chair."

The film airs Sunday night at 9.

Richards, who has struggled for more than 18 years to carve out a career in the music industry — in the film he's seen passionately singing in an empty bookstore — is among the eight adult children of rock legends profiled in the two-hour film from Canadian documantarian Alan Handel.

Other kids of legends include Louis Osbourne (search) (Ozzy Osbourne's lesser-known DJ son, from his first marriage); Sally Taylor (daughter of James Taylor (search) and Carly Simon (search)); Simon Collins (son of Phil Collins); AJ Croce (son of the late Jim Croce); Jason Everly (Everly Brother Phil Everly's son); James Raymond (David Crosby's son) and Julian Lennon (search).

"Their parents were superstars — they were the creators of rock music," says Handel. "But from the perspective of children, what they experienced was that their parent was often on the road.

"They grew up in an era of sex, drugs and rock and roll, when all that was available to their parents. They share that bond and common experience," Handel says, "while they're all trying to build their own careers in music."

To make the film, the product of more than two years' work, Handel says he approached about 25 of rock's royal children. Most said no.

"It wasn't easy," Handel says. "They feel that people are always trying to get to their parents through them."