Topics and Guests for Thursday, July 24

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Stories for Thursday, 
July 24:

Mike Tyson is back in court. Kobe Bryant is headed there, and the New Hampshire man accused of killing his kids faces murder charges
• Rod Wheeler, former D.C. homicide investigator
• Lis Wiehl, former prosecutor
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

The U.S. government routinely dangles cash before the public for information leading to the capture of some big, bad fish. But some say the odds of payoff are not good
• John Hulsman, research fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

A congressional report on Sept. 11 criticizes all of the major U.S. terrorism-fighting agencies
• Mike Baker, former CIA covert operations officer
• Jamie Metzl, homeland security analyst

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Note: Topics subject to change