Guests and Topics: July 22

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Saddam’s sons Uday (search) and Qusay (search) were killed when U.S. soldiers stormed a house in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul. Will this bring us closer to finding Saddam? Former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger will join us.

Grammar school kids get “time-out” for name-calling, what should be the punishment for elected government officials? Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y., will discuss the recent disagreement in Congress that could be compared to a bad episode of “romper room.”

Carlton Dotson (search) has been arrested for the murder of former roommate and missing Baylor University basketball player Patrick Dennehy (search).

Was there a falling out between the two roommates that lead to a deadly end? We will talk to Kyle Burton, former neighbor to Patrick and Carlton.

We’ll get a glimpse into the teen-years of Patrick Dennehy as we talk to his former high school coach, Steve Filios.

And how can the police be certain Dotson killed his former friend when there has been no body discovered? Our own Geraldo Rivera will explain the latest.

And don’t miss a special treat from singer Charlie Daniels.

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