Holy bunny tail Batman! Could Playboy founder Hugh Hefner (search) be the next superhero to save the world?

The pajama-clad magazine magnate is teaming up with comic book legend Stan Lee (search) to create an adult-themed animated series called Hef's Superbunnies that can be described as a cross between Charlie's Angels and The Superfriends (search).

It stars Hef as himself leading a team of super-powered Playboy bunnies out to rid the world of evil-doers.

"Unlike Charlie [in Charlie's Angels], I'm seen and I have a daytime job with running a magazine and dealing with the bunnies etc.," Hefner told The New York Post of his character on the show. "But at night or when called, the bunnies and I are crime-fighters."

They meet somewhere in the famed mansion in a secret high-tech lair much like the Batcave.

"It isn't much of a stretch to go from the real mansion to the Batcave," Hefner said. "I mean, Batman (search) had a black plane in the comic book, but I had a black plane in real life."

"I've been a comic book fan since the golden age of comic books in the 1930s, and I think this is a delightful idea," Hefner told The Post.  "I drew comics and superheroes when I was a kid, so the notion that I would have a secret life as a crime fighter is delightful."

The animated show will also give Hef a chance to bring back his pipe, which was something of a signature accessory of his until he quit smoking years ago.

Superbunnies will be the second adult-themed animated show that Lee is working on.

The Lee-helmed animated show Stripperella, which airs on TNN - the cable network which will soon change its name to Spike TV - stars Playboy playmate superstar Pam Anderson (search) as a stripper named Erotica Jones, who's alter-ego is a super-secret agent named Stripperella.

"As a fan who bought and cherished the very first copy of Playboy in 1953, it is an enormous thrill for me to be partnering with a man who has done so much to shape the culture of the times we live in," said Lee, who is credited with co-creating some of the best known superheroes, including Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four.

"Hugh Hefner has long been one of the great communicators in our society, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather partner with," he said.