Topics and Guests: July 18

Tonight... Go on the record!

The District Attorney in Eagle County, Colorado (search) says he believes that he can prove, "beyond a reasonable doubt" that NBA star Kobe Bryant (search) committed sexual assault against a 19-year-old young woman earlier this month.

We'll have the latest developments from Colorado this evening, including a report from Eagle County by our own Rita Cosby 

Also, FNC's William La Jeunesse will have a report from Los Angeles (search). He'll join us from the Staples Center.

Plus, we'll look at the difficult weeks that will likely lie ahead for the alleged victim in this sexual assault case. Our own Geraldo Rivera will join us.

Then our panel of legal experts will weigh in on the Kobe Bryant case...

Tonight's guests included the following distinguished attorneys:

• Bernie Grimm, criminal defense attorney

• Mickey Sherman, criminal defense attorney

• Melinda McAllister, criminal defense attorney

• Ted Williams, former Washington, D.C. homicide detective and criminal defense attorney

Also, forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden will join our panel this evening.

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Note: Topics and guests are suject to change