Topics and Guests for July 18

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9 a.m. ET

We'll start right away with the reactions to Tony Blair's speech to Congress. We'll speak with Rep. Peter Hoekstra, R-Mich., and Rep. Jim Turner, D-Texas about Iraq intelligence issues.

Will charges against Kobe Bryant (search) come down today? We'll ask defense attorney Bruce Carey. He's the former deputy district attorney of Eagle County.

Plus, we'll have a man who has been in over 80 films, and currently stars as "Captain Howard" in Bad Boys II (search), which opens in theatres today! Joe Pantoliano will join us.

And for sizzling hot summer fashions, we'll have lifestyle reporter and fashion expert, Alison Deyette.

10 a.m ET

Do you think it's possible to survive a tumble down an 85-foot waterfall? We'll have a man who can live to talk about the experience, Jacob Brown.

12 p.m. ET

Along with comments on Tony Blair's speech, Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., will speak on the controversy over documents linking Iraq and Niger.

And, more into the depths of the sexual assault charges against Kobe Bryant. Defense attorney Darrow K. Soll  and assistant state attorney Stacey Honowitz will join the debate over what, if any, trouble the basketball star may be facing.

Do troops get hot in Iraq? Sure. That's why Frankie Mayo, mother of Cpl. Christoper Tomlinson, is sending air conditioners to the heat-stricken military in the Middle East.

2 p.m. ET

Is Kobe Bryant's reputation damaged beyond repair? Is his accuser a traumatized victim or an illegitimate fraud? We'll hear from former sex crimes prosecutor Wendy Murphy and criminal defense attorney Mickey Sherman.

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change.