Topics and Guests, July 15

Jim Angle reports: A record budget deficit for the fiscal year is expected from the White House. The latest prediction is $150 billion worse than earlier projections. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan says if needed he will reduce interest rates even further to boost the sluggish economy and guard against a destabilizing fall in prices. 

Guest preview: Bill Beach, of The Heritage Foundation (search), explains the forecasted budget deficit numbers.


Bret Baier reports: U.S. intelligence has detected traces of the uranium byproduct "krypton 85" in the air near North Korea's Yongbyon (search) nuclear plant. The US continues to seek a diplomatic solution through a multilateral approach involving China, South Korea and Japan.

Carl Cameron reports: While gearing up for the race for the White House some Democrats continue to condemn the President's policies in Iraq and his use of questionable intelligence. Plus, the Human Rights Campaign (search) holds a forum with Democratic presidential hopefuls.

Mike Emanuel reports: The Bush administration is defying a judge's order to produce an Al Qaeda (search) prisoner for questioning by terror suspect Zacarias Moussaoui (search). What will the courts do in response?

Adam Housley reports: California Democratic Governor Davis (search) has been faced with the reality of a recall election after the signature drive to hive him ousted announced it reached it’s goal.  Davis supporters now say they are suing to challenge the process because they have discovered widespread illegalities in the Republican-led signature drive.

Details on those stories and more on Special Report with Brit Hume.

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