FOX Fan Geek-O-Meter

1. Where did FOX get its name?

2. What instrument does Tony Snow play?

3. What other FNC newsperson plays an instrument? Hint — They play it every week on the air.  **Bonus: Which show features their musical talents?

4. What brand of coffee does the FOX & Friends crew drink?

5. What does the "G Block" stand for?

6. What was The O’Reilly Factor called before it was The O’Reilly Factor?

7. Name everyone on Brit Hume’s panel.

8. Which international bureau does Jennifer Griffin report from?

9. On which show does "The Grapevine" appear?

10. What show features "Skinnerville?"

11. Which show featured an exclusive interview with bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman?

12. What game show host recently joined the lineup at FNC?

13. What is the "Green Room?"

14. Steve Harrigan reported from:
                                                A. Afghanistan, the Philippines, Baghdad
                                                B. Washington, New York, Los Angeles
                                                C. Rome, London, Moscow

15. Linda Vester, David Asman, Jon Scott, and Brigette Quinn are:
                                                A. FOX News Live anchors.        
                                                B. The hosts of FOX & Friends
                                                C. Primetime anchors

16. On what date did FOX News Channel premiere?

17. Who is "the weather guy?"

18. Which show has the "Impact" and "Back of the Book" segments?

19. Name three women on FNC's Business Beat.

20. After Hours with __________________

21. Brian Kilmeade is the __________ guy.

22. __________________ provides commentary ________________ on Hannity and Colmes.

23.  The host of From the Heartland most recently served in the government as a:

24. Name two of the three FNC White House correspondents.

25. Who hosts War Stories?

26. What show did FOX and Friends replace?

27. According to Shep, who makes the best brownies?

28. Who is a weather wanna-be?

29. Shep calls Studio B e-mails what?

30. Get __________!

                 A. Hannitized
                 B. Sanitized
                 C. Analyzed


Click here for the answers.