FOX Fan Geek-O-Meter Answers

1. Where did FOX get its name? Austro-Hungarian born Wilhelm Fried, who had changed his name to William Fox (1879-1952), founded the FOX Film Corporation in 1915. The studio merged with Daryll Zanuck's 20th Century Pictures in 1935 and was subsequently acquired by Rupert Murdoch in 1985.

2. What instrument does Tony Snow play? The flute. Look out Jethro Tull!

3. What other FNC newsperson plays an instrument? Hint — They play it every week on the air. **Bonus: Which show features their musical talents? Lauren Green is an accomplished pianist and plays during After Hours, Saturdays at 11:00 pm ET.

4. What brand of coffee does the FOX and Friends crew drink? Au Bon Pain.

5. What does the "G Block" stand for? It is the last segment of the FOX Report w/ Shepard Smith. A "block" is made up of the time between each commercial break and is titled with a letter of the alphabet.

6. What was The O'Reilly Factor called before it was The O'Reilly Factor? The O'Reilly Report.

7. Name everyone in Brit Hume's panel. Fred Barnes , Mort Kondracke , Mara Liasson , and Bill Kristol .

8. Which international bureau does Jennifer Griffin report from? Jerusalem

9. When is The Grapevine on? During Special Report w/ Brit Hume at 6 pm / midnight ET.

10. What show features "Skinnerville?" Jane Skinner chats it up with Shep on Studio B at 3 pm ET.

11. Which show featured an exclusive interview with bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman? Big Story Weekend w/ Rita Cosby.

12. What game show host recently joined the lineup at FNC? Pat Sajak

13. What is the "Green Room?" The room where guests lounge before their appearances on FNC.

14. Steve Harrigan reported from:
A. Afghanistan, the Philippines, Baghdad

15. Linda Vester, David Asman, Jon Scott, and Brigette Quinn are:
FOX News Live anchors

16. On what date did FOX News Channel premiere? FOX News Channel launched on October 7th, 1996.

17. Who is "the weather guy?" Steve Doocy.

18. Which show has the "Impact" and "Back of the Book" segments? The O'Reilly Factor.

19. Name the three women on FNC's Business Beat. Terry Keenan , Brenda Buttner , and Dagen McDowell .

20. After Hours with Cal Thomas

21. Brian Kilmeade is the sports guy.

22. Dennis Miller provides commentary Fridays on Hannity and Colmes.

23. The host of From the Heartland most recently served in the government as a: Former Rep. John R. Kasich (R-Ohio) was also the chairman of the House Budget Committee.

24. Name two of the three FNC White House correspondents. Wendell Goler, James Rosen, and/or Jim Angle.

25. Who hosts War Stories? Oliver North.

26. What show did FOX and Friends replace? X-Press.

27. According to Shep, who makes the best brownies? Jane Skinner.

28. Who is a weather wanna-be? Shep Smith

29. Shep calls Studio B e-mails what? "B-Mails."

30. Get A. Hannitized!


1-10 Correct: You're a FOX Fan Rookie. Doocy's Doppler in the morning and O'Reilly's Talking Points in the evening are staples for you, but this is only the beginning! Have you seen After Hours with Cal Thomas yet? Have you gone "Around the World in 80 Seconds" with Shep? Keep watching.

10-20 Correct: Aspiring MVP. You follow complicated criminal cases with Greta and Judge Napolitano. You ride along with Campaign Carl on the election trail. Soon you'll be e-mailing Tony Snow's Parting Thoughts to workmates, and calling-in to FOX News Live. You know you want to; just do it!

20-28 Correct: FOX Fanatic. FOX & Friends is like coffee — you can't function without it. Your personal space is a "No Spin Zone." You have FNC soap-on-a-rope hanging in your bathroom. It's time to tune in to FNC and break the remote over your knee (FNC accepts no liability for injured knees).

28-30 Correct: Do you work here? You think "Hannitized" is a real word. You've won more than one Balance Sheet contest. Your copies of The O'Reilly Factor, No Spin Zone and Let Freedom Ring are dog-eared and annotated. We appreciate your enthusiasm for our channel, just make sure you get enough sunlight and fresh air. Seriously. Stop reading this and go now.