Guests and Topics: July 11

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Sean’s live show and Freedom Concert is this Friday at Great Adventure. Oliver North, Charlie Daniels, Sara Evans, Darryl Worley and many others will join Sean to help raise funds for the Freedom Alliance, which provides scholarships for the children of fallen soldiers.

Dr. Monica Crowley will be filling in for Sean, don’t miss the debate.

The issue of misinformation is creating quite a stir inside the beltway. President Bush said Friday that intelligence services cleared his State of the Union speech (search), which included a now-discredited allegation that Iraq was seeking to buy nuclear material from Africa.

Is Bush to blame or are the Democrats trying to fill a platform that until now has been void? Rep. David Dreier, R-Fla., will be here to deliberate.

Michael Reagan, the older son of former President Ronald Reagan (search), will be at Norfolk Naval Station for Saturday's commissioning of the $5 billion aircraft carrier named in honor of his father. He will join us tonight as we pay tribute to his father.

What is the Speicher family’s reaction to the latest evidence found in the search for Scott Speicher (search), the Navy pilot shot down in Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War? Speicher's nephew, Richard Adams will join us.

Should you send your children to camp with boxing gloves? What would you do if your child came home from camp with bruises and black eyes?

Richard Rawls was outraged when his 10-year-old son came back from camp with a black eye and a concussion, injuries he said came from fistfights arranged and encouraged by camp counselors. He will be here to tell us what we need to know.

And comedian Dennis Miller will offer his unique spin on the news.

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