Guests and Topics: July 8

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What does President Bush’s involvement in African affairs mean for our own safety? Caspar W. Weinberger, former secretary of defense to President Ronald Reagan, will be here to discuss the latest.

The organizers of an effort to recall California Governor Gray Davis (search) are capping their pens. They are ending their drive to gather signatures because they say they have more than enough to bring the measure to a vote.

Are the signatures legitimate? Do they represent the true feeling of the constituents of the Golden State? Or are they the result of a campaign driven by money?

California radio talk show host Melanie Morgan and democratic consultant Joe Cerrell will join us. Don’t miss the debate.

Are you ready to ask a beggar for their license and registration…to panhandle? That is what folks in Cincinnati (search) are preparing to do.

Who will this benefit and who will it leave out in the street? Georgine Getty of the Coalition for the Homeless and city council member Pat DeWine will be here to discuss.

Finding Scott Speicher, the Navy pilot shot down in Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War, is a high priority for the military. Speicher's nephew, Richard Adams will join us.

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