Guests and Topics: July 9

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Should the six Supreme Court (search) justices who voted to overturn a Texas law banning homosexual sodomy be impeached? Did the Court overstep boundaries by making a decision about a state law?

The Constitution Party National Committee thinks so and the party chairman, James Clymer, will join us to debate.

And what Democratic presidential hopeful has been making some sharp remarks about President Bush (search)? Don’t miss when Alan and Sean interview the Rev. Al Sharpton.

In Florida last week a 19 year-old motorist drove home about a mile with the legless body of a pedestrian in his front windshield before calling authorities to report that he hit the man with his car. Does this sound eerily familiar?

Is this a case of a windshield killer or simply a kid in the wrong place at the wrong time? Kim Miller of the Florida Highway Patrol will answer our questions.

Scott Peterson (search) was back in court today. Defense attorney Jeralyn Merritt and Court TV’s Lisa Bloom discuss the latest developments.

And summer reading takes a beating in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Michael McKnight, student and member of the Committee for Better Carolina, will tell us why one book included in the summer reading assignment has left some students feeling excluded. 

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