Topics and Guests for Wednesday, July 9

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July 9:

We don't know if he's talking, but an Iraqi intelligence agent with "possible" ties to Sept. 11 is in custody
•  Rita Katz, director of the Search for International Terrorist Entities and author of Terrorist Hunter

The fall of Baghdad is more than three months in the past, but when it comes to Iraq’s future, the relief effort continues to face as many problems as it did months ago
•  Margaret Hassan, the Iraq director of CARE

It's a landmark decision with an overseas twist. When the Supreme Court overturned state anti-sodomy statutes last month, part of the ruling cited foreign law, so are views of other nations now part of the U.S. Constitution?
•  Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC Senior Judicial Analyst

Say good-bye to the bar code and hello to the microchip. Pinpoint-sized computer chips are in the works, and they can be attached to just about anything
•  Ian McPherson, principal analyst at Wireless Data Research Group

The White House admits that some faulty intelligence led President Bush to say that Saddam Hussein was trying to buy uranium from Africa. That's being used as more ammunition for those who didn't want war in the first place
•  Bianca Jagger, human rights activist

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