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The U.S. is under intense international pressure to send troops to the West African nation of Liberia (search). Liberia is no stranger to the U.S., freed U.S. slaves founded the country.

Liberia has been home to political unrest and civil wars. The goals of a U.S. military dispatch would be to oust President Charles Taylor (search) from power and to restore order to the violence infested country.

The Administration is expected to announce it will send troops to Liberia as soon as this week. After facing much national and international backlash for invading Iraq, should the U.S. put it’s neck on the line? We’ll debate it!

Also, it's been three weeks since Baylor University basketball player, Patrick Dennehy (search) vanished. Reports have been coming out daily about the case. Criminal defense attorney Mickey Sherman will join us to help separate the speculation from the facts.

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Actor Ron Silver explains Tinseltown’s reaction to the war in Iraq. Plus, actor Mike Farrell from Artist United to Win Without War debates the issue.

Actress Kelly Preston talks about why she's taking her campaign to get kids off of psychiatric drugs all the way to Capitol Hill.

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