Topics and Guests for July 4

As we celebrate the word terrorists (search) love to hate the most – freedom -- the question isn't if they'll attack again, it's when and how. We’ll get three specific answers from retired U.S. Army Col. David Hunt, FOX News military analyst; Dr. John Hulsman, research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, and Harvey Kushner, author of Encyclopedia of Terrorism and chair of criminal justice at Long Island University.

The war in Iraq is over, but the battle rages on. It's easy to forget on a day we celebrate our freedom, the guys who are making that freedom possible. To help us remember, we’ll be joined from Baghdad by U.S. Army Lt. Col. Christopher Putko.

Could we see Dow 10,000 by the end of the summer? We’ll ask Dennis Kneale, managing editor of Forbes magazine; Rob Stein, managing partner at Astor Asset Management, and Nola Falcone, president of NMF Asset Management.

Just say non? Following their snub at the United Nations, France is trying woo American tourists back. Will their campaign work? We’ll ask Herb Smetheram, who canceled his trip to France; Don Timmerman, who says he'd rather go to Italy, and Claudia Santo, president of Sojourn Travel.

Plus, are smoking bans in bars and restaurants squashing smokers’ personal freedoms? We’ll get a fair and balanced debate from Audrey Silk, founder of Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment, and Bronson Frick, associate director of Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights.

And, could SUVs become an endangered species in California? They will if California State Assemblyman Joe Nation gets his way.

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