Topics and Guests, June 30

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Greg Palkot reports: In southern Iraq, American soldiers detain the U.S.-appointed mayor of the Shiite-dominated city of Najaf, accusing him of kidnapping and corruption, and arresting 62 of his aides.This on the second day of a sweep, dubbed Operation Sidewinder (search).

Guest preview: Matt Daniels, president for the Alliance for Marriage, tells us why the Senate majority leader says he supports a proposed constitutional amendment to ban homosexual marriage in the United States.


Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld insists U.S. troops aren't getting bogged down in a "quagmire" operation in Iraq.

Road traffic flows smoothly through the Gaza Strip (search) for the first time in nearly three years, as bulldozers dismantle Israeli checkpoints put up after the current Palestinian uprising began in September 2000.

For the Democratic presidential candidates, midnight marks what many consider to be the end of the money primary: The deadline for campaigns to file their second quarter fund-raising reports with the Federal Election Commission (search).

Finally, Eric Shawn interviews chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix on his last day on the job.

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