Almost Half of British Citizens Say Prime Minister Tony Blair Should Quit

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Majority Says Tony Has 'Run Out of Ideas'
While President Bush maintains high approval ratings among Americans despite questions over pre-war intelligence, a new poll shows that nearly half of British citizens, 48 percent, think British Prime Minister Tony Blair (search) — also engulfed in questions over pre-war intelligence — should flat-out quit his job right now. The Market and Opinion Research poll shows that 53 percent say Blair has "run out of ideas." What's more, 58 percent say they think Blair is not trustworthy, and 26 percent say they'd "rather trust Arthur Daley (search)," British TV's infamous wheeler dealer.

Missing Missions, And More
The Canadian navy, whose government refused to send forces to help defend U.S. and British troops in Iraq, now says it's too tired and broke to continue defending its own country's troops abroad as it has in years past. With a dwindling budget and a personnel shortage, the Canadian Navy has announced that it is no longer taking on major missions overseas, is cutting back on major training exercises and is delaying a return to NATO's (search) Atlantic Fleet. A Canadian naval officer tells the Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper, "The Navy must now pause to rest, regenerate and rebuild, and look after our people" at home.

Professing an Apology
A medical professor at Oxford University in London now says he apologizes "unreservedly" for rejecting an Israeli student's request to work in the professor's laboratory on the basis that "I have a huge problem with the way that the Israelis take the moral high ground from their appalling treatment in the Holocaust and then inflict gross human rights abuses on the Palestinians." Professor Andrew Wilkie tells the Daily Telegraph that he is "not a racist or anti-Semitic" and that he made a mistake, but neither Professor Wilkie nor the university have yet overturned the rejection, and the student says he would likely not accept an invitation to the school now anyway.

Total Recall
Republican actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who says he is considering a run for California governor should current Democratic Gov. Gray Davis leave office, won't be getting any endorsement from his own uncle-in-law, Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy. Kennedy says he intends to support the Democratic candidate for governor, even though, "Arnold is great, and I never argue with Arnold, particularly when he's holding me by my ankles upside down."

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