BBC Rife With Anti-Americanism

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A lot of Americans have the perception that the BBC is anti-American. British Conservative Party spokesman Alan Duncan (searchsays I'm wrong.

I am not wrong, and the BBC is anti-American. It's why they called Prime Minister Tony Blair "George Bush's poodle".

It's why they declared America arrogant in a worldwide survey it just completed. 

You there, America... do you feel arrogant, or just put upon by a worldwide weasel coalition?

There are countless other examples, but take a quote or two from this piece by BBC Washington correspondent Justin Webb: 

"Americans, remember, still go to church."

This is a common theme of British anti-Americanism, that President Bush professes a faith in God and worse, Americans also do in great numbers. For the BBC, that seals the case.

Webb goes on about President Bush...

"President Bush... flew (aboard a U.S. aircraft carrier) on a Navy jet, emerging with his flight suit on, looking for all the world like the Top Gun that he never was."

The host of the American-is-arrogant special from the BBC actually said, "Let's talk about American culture, if you can call it that."

This smarmy, dandified, condescending and dare I say "arrogant" attitude is shared by about 35% of the British people, and is rife within the BBC.

What is going on in Britain right now is an attempt to undo Blair by making him the worst of all possible things: too pro-American and a sucker for American lies, to boot.

Am I wrong about the BBC? No.

Is the BBC wrong about Americans? Through and through.

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