Foley to 'Scrub' Up Again

It looks like Scot Foley (search), the soon to be ex-husband of Alias star Jennifer Garner (search), will re-join the cast of Scrubs next fall.

Foley, whose sitcom A.U.S.A was a flop last winter, is set to reprise his first-season role as the neurotic ex-boyfriend of Dr. Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke) in at least six new episodes this fall, according to the latest edition of TV Guide.

There's even talk that producers are interested in bringing Foley back to the show in a full-time role, industry sources confirmed yesterday.

Scrubs is NBC's single camera comedy that follows the misadventures of a group of doctors, nurses and other medical staffers at a hospital. It also stars Zach Braff (search), Donald Adeosun Faison (search) and John C. McGinley (search).

The show is filmed on location in what was once a real hospital in Los Angeles.

Foley hit some rough waters last winter when his 2 1/2-year marriage to Garner broke up and his sitcom failed. Meanwhile, Garner was taking home truck loads of awards, including Emmy nominations and Golden Globes.

A source connected to Foley's show told a reporter that "jealousy issues" seemed to be playing a part in the couple's marital woes.