Sacking Saddam: Do You Want him Dead, or Alive?

American specialists are conducting DNA tests on human remains recovered last week to determine if they belong to Saddam Hussein (search) or his sons Odai and Qusai, Pentagon officials told Fox News.

The remains were retrieved from a convoy of vehicles struck by U.S. forces last week in the Western desert near Syria. Officers with the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment in Iraq told The Associated Press they had no information concerning such a find.

British newspaper The Observer reported that the strike was based on an intercepted satellite phone conversation involving Saddam or his sons, but U.S. officials would not confirm the report. In addition, Defense Department officials told FOX News they did not believe Saddam or his sons were traveling in the convoy.

The chairman of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee said Sunday he would not be surprised to learn of Saddam's death because of "this very aggressive effort that we have been mounting" to locate Saddam and his loyalists.

Sacking Saddam: Do you want him dead, or alive?

A sample of your responses:

I’d like to get Saddam alive; that way we can gain intelligence about the Iranians, etc.
Kurt H.
Columbia, SC

I want him to be alive so he can expose all the Bush administration's dirty secrets. Why do you think they are so desperate to kill, not capture him?
San Jose, CA

He has to be dead. If not he will be offered a book deal.
Don H.
Macedon, NY

I would love it if Saddam and his two sons were alive.  I want to see them suffer the fear, humiliation and the degradation they caused the Iraqi citizens...Put them in an eight by ten foot cell for the rest of their lives and let the citizens stroll by and curse at them!
Linda V.
Windham, CT

Saddam and his sons need to be caught alive if possible. Tried and convicted of the thousand of murders they committed on their own people. Then put in a pit (when convicted)  and publicly stoned to death. This will be the only way to give the Iraqi people peace of mind that they are no longer a threat to their security and FREE way of life.

Dead would be too kind, alive would not be just.  However, having a mouth drooping, saliva drooling, limb-numbing stroke would be perfect.  Then, parade the half-living carcass in a bulletproof, glass cage in town square for all to see and ridicule.  That, ladies and gentlemen, would be just!
Greg G.
Battle Creek, MI

I would like to see him have to answer to the Iraqi people - they deserve to make him pay!
Martha W.
Brownsville, TX

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