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Is it possible to hit roadblocks before the road is even built? Is the Israeli/Palestinian situation moving forward or is history repeating itself? Join us while we take a closer look at the roadmap for peace (search).

Senator Byrd D-W.Va. has criticized President Bush and our involvement in Operation Iraqi Freedom (search). Does the senator have a case or is it just revisionist history (search)? Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., will discuss the issue.

If Rep. Dick Gephardt D-Mo. becomes president he says he will use an executive order to override any Supreme Court decision he does not like. Does this attitude belong in the White House or perhaps maybe the schoolhouse? Ann Lewis, former White House communications director, joins the debate.

And fast food is known for clogging your arteries, but could it also be clogging up the courtrooms? Mindy Kursban of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine will try and clear the issue.

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