Topics and Guests, June 23

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

The U.S. Supreme Court upholds a controversial affirmative action policy (search) employed at the University of Michigan's law school, but strikes down a policy used by the undergraduate school that gave certain racial groups a head start in admissions.

Guest preview: Professor Jonathan Turley (search) of George Washington University on the Supreme Court decision. Who wins?


American specialists are conducting DNA tests on human remains recovered along the Iraq-Syria border to determine if they belong to Saddam Hussein (search) or his sons Odai and Qusai.

Palestinian officials say they expect a positive response from Hamas (search) on a truce with Israel soon, perhaps even by the end of the day, and Egyptian diplomatic sources say an announcement would be made in Cairo.

Democratic presidential hopeful Howard Dean seeks to redefine and broaden his liberal, anti-war campaign with the formal announcement of candidacy, promising to "take our country back" from toxic special interests and irrelevant party politics.

President Bush is pursuing his re-election bid on two fronts: prodding Congress to add promised prescription drug coverage to Medicare and raking in about $4 million at a New York City fund-raiser.

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