Topics and Guests: June 23

Tonight... Get on the Record!

Are the members of Al Qaeda (search) joining forces with members of other terrorist organizations? What clues can we glean from a new videotape supposedly released by members of Al Qaeda that surfaced in Pakistan over the weekend? Also, could Saddam Hussein and his sons still be alive inside Iraq?

We'll ask FOX News Contributor and Washington Times National Security Correspondent Bill Gertz to go on the record!

Plus, more new developments in the Laci Peterson case this weekend and boxer Mike Tyson arrested, again! We'll take a look at all the angles in both cases when the members of our legal roundtable join us!

Tonight's guests include:

Gloria Allred, Amber Frey's attorney 

Bernie Grimm, defense attorney

Geoffrey Fieger, defense attorney

Ron Sullivan, public defender 

These stories and much more... Get On the Record at 10 p.m. ET only on the FOX News Channel!

Note: Topics and guests are suject to change