Our No. 1 Priority in Iraq

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American troops in Iraq seem to be getting very close to Saddam Hussein and his evil mini-mes — sons Udai and Qusai.

They may already be dead. They may be alive. They may have been caught, commuting back and forth from their terror jobs against U.S. troops in Iraq to their safe haven across the border in Syria.

We live in hope that the former Iraqi dictator was in that convoy that got blasted by U.S. gunships, predator drones and troops on the ground.

There is no question that the most pressing issue in Iraq right now is not the water system or the electricity, but finding Saddam.

It's not an abstraction. The "butcher of Baghdad" seems to be the only one who has the boxes and boxes of cash it takes to convince Iraqis to pick up an RPG launcher (search) to go try kill U.S. soldiers.

I am willing to bet a dinner at the steak place across the street that if Saddam and the sons are either captured or toasted, the attacks on American troops will dwindle significantly.

In a way, this is a continuation of the war that started when we kicked Saddam out of Kuwait. We went home, thinking the war was over, and he continued to wage war on us in his clever ways, covering his tracks.

Now we invade Iraq, topple his regime, and we find someone is still waging war against us. Who?

I think there's a fair to middling chance it's disgruntled Iraqi Republican Guard (search) members who don't have a job, or Baathists (search) who have been banned from government.

This feels much more like Saddam, still playing war games... and I bet when we get him, it's as good as over.

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