The Hours, Punch-Drunk Love and Kangaroo Jack

The Hours, Punch-Drunk Love and Kangaroo Jack in the DVD and video glare of The Foxlight.

I may be in the minority here and I'm very happy Nicole Kidman has an Oscar, but The Hours was the worst movie of the year as far as I'm concerned. Am I right? Take a look for yourself on DVD this week. Wildly over-the-top performances from great actors like Ed Harris make this hour and 52 minutes tough sledding.

For something completely different, how about "Unhappy Gilmore." Adam Sandler gives a totally engrossing performance in Punch-Drunk Love. Ultimately, this film is a colossal misfire by the same guy who brought us Magnolia. Why Emily Watson is interested in Sandler is a mystery. But here's something cool, you really could redeem those pudding coupons for free air travel, which is a aub-plot of the film. That's based on a true story. If you're a Sandler fan, this is a must see. But don't expect his usual gag filled fare.

Finally, when you do a movie in Australia I guess you're bound to run into a marsupial or two. But one that raps? This is Kangaroo Jack and scarier than the premise is the fact that this thing made some money. "Jack 2: Back to the Pouch" anyone? Don't laugh, they'll do it.