Bogus GM Food Furor

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You probably don't know it, but you have been eating genetically modified foods (searchfor quite a few years and you're likely to be eating more in the future.

Genetically modified organisms, or GM foods, are essentially an American creation and an American product... and that is what is behind all the squawking about GM foods over in Europe.

Canada, which opposed our war in Iraq, is our best friend on GM foods because up north, they grow a ton of corn that's been genetically modified and they want to sell the stuff around the world.

Genetically modified grains are pest-resistant, hardier, and produce greater yields. When President Bush says, as he did just recently, that Europe is denying Africa a famine-ending technology by blocking GM foods in Europe, he's right.

The Europeans, who have a moratorium on the import of GM foods and seeds, have also convinced the Africans that there is something to be afraid of with these foods.

It's bogus and the Euros know it. These GM foods have been in the food chain for years, and there has never been any problem noticed in the human food chain.

What this is about is that the Euros fear that another American invasion is poised to take over Europe — not in the form of American tanks, American music, American movies — but in the form of American crops, which are patented and owned by American corporations.

The Euros don't care if this technology ends world famine... The world can go straight to Hades before they will let America score one more big win.

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