Topics and Guests, June 20

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

Secretary of State Colin Powell is in the Mideast and calling Hamas an "enemy of peace." Powell meets separately with Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (search) and Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas (search) to get the road map to peace back on track. We have the latest.


President Bush meets with Brazilian President Luis da Silva (search) and then heads off for a campaign fund-raiser in Georgia. This will be the second big fund-raiser for his re-election effort.

Two large explosions shake a district near a government compound in the Chechen capital, Grozny, killing at least one person.

Attackers blow up a power transformer with a rocket-propelled grenade, injuring two U.S. soldiers and sending a tower of flame into the night sky in Iraq.

Presidential candidate John Kerry blasts President Bush and the economy, questioning Bush's motives for war in Iraq and blaming him for a sluggish return to economic growth.

Senators overwhelmingly endorse a plan to bring generic medicines to the market more quickly, while negotiations are under way over how much money Congress should set aside to entice private companies into Medicare.

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