Topics and Guests for June 20

Topics and Guests for June 20

A shaky economy. Slipping stocks. Anxious investors.

Almost everyone expects Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan (search) to lower interest rates again next week. Question is, should they? Diane Swonk, Bank One chief economist, and Bill Baldwin, managing editor at Forbes magazine, join the debate.

Is Saddam Hussein still alive and still a threat to both Main and Wall Street? We’ll ask retired U.S. Army Col. David Hunt, FOX News military analyst, and Greg Valliere, managing director of Schwab Washington Research.

The economy just can't catch a break from Mother Nature. After being snowed in this winter, now the Northeast is waterlogged, while the parts of Arizona burn. What does the forecast hold and what does it mean for Wall Street? We’ll be joined by Joe Venuti at the FOX Weather Center.

We’ll take the markets’ temperature with Muriel Siebert, president and chairwoman of Siebert and Company, and Tobin Smith, president of Changewave Research, and Scott Bleier, founder of Hybrid Investors.

If you think all this Harry Potter hype will fade, Robert Thompson, media and pop culture professor at Syracuse University, says think again.

Plus, how long can the housing boom continue? We’ll ask Bruce Karatz, chairman and CEO of KB Home.

And, we’ll look at the future of biotech with Carl Feldbaum, president of Bio-2003.

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