Pakistani Man Charged With Lying to FBI About Threat to NYC

A Pakistani was charged Monday with lying to FBI (search) agents about an imminent terrorist attack on two heavily traveled thoroughfares before admitting he made up the tale in a drug-induced stupor.

Word of the possible attack at the Lincoln and Holland tunnels, which connect New York City (search) and New Jersey, led to heightened security across the city during the weekend.

Khuram S. Yousifzai, 23, allegedly living illegally in the United States, was ordered held without bail after the FBI outlined its case against him.

His lawyer, Robert Baum, declined to comment.

Police said Yousifzai placed a 911 call from a pay telephone early Saturday and subsequently met with the FBI. According to a criminal complaint, Yousifzai falsely told investigators that he had knowledge of an imminent plot by Al Qaeda associates to bomb the two tunnels.

After interviews with his doorman and girlfriend contradicted his tale, Yousifzai admitted he had fabricated the story because he had been drinking, smoking marijuana and using cocaine and had felt as though he was a "big man and wanted to be an FBI agent," investigators said.

If convicted, Yousifzai could face up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

The Lincoln and Holland tunnels were among targets in an unsuccessful 1993 plot to bomb New York City landmarks.