Guests and Topics: June 20

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Is Saddam Hussein (search) still alive? A report in today's New York Times says analysts in the U.S. intelligence community think it's quite possible that the former Iraqi leader is among the living. They also think he's probably still hiding inside Iraq...

So how can we capture Saddam? Two New York Congressmen, Democrat Greg Meeks and Republican Peter King join the debate!

Plus, why are some institutions of higher learning offering "whiteness" classes? We'll talk with Howard Winant who teaches sociology at UC Santa Barbara and is the author of The World is a Ghetto.

And later... Who's ahead, who's behind and who's not even really in the race as the Democrats set their sights on the race for the presidency in 2004? We promise you a very lively discussion when FOX News Political Analyst and former Dukakis Campaign Manager Susan Estrich and Republican Consultant Kellyanne Conway join us this evening.

And finally, guess who's going to Benton Harbor, Michigan -- the scene of violent riots earlier this week -- none other than the Rev. Jesse Jackson. Will his visit make a difference? Can he help bring calm to this troubled community? We'll ask civil rights attorney Leo Terrell.

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