Friday, June 20: Safe at Home?

A captured Al Qaeda (search) member is now helping the feds hunt other terrorists in the United States. We’ll get the latest from FOX News’ homeland defense correspondent Catherine Herridge.

Is this arrest proof that the authorities are doing a good job in securing the homeland, or a sign that we have a long way to go? Harvey Kushner, terrorism analyst and author of Encyclopedia of Terrorism.

Plus, it’s the story that DaySide broke wide open: the incredible story of Sarah Saga, the brave American woman who refuses to leave Saudi Arabia without her children. We’ll get an update on her ordeal from her mother Debbie Dornier and aunt Kaven-Ann Aragon. We’ll also get insight from Bernard Haykel, professor of Middle Eastern Studies at New York University.

A murder trial in western Pennsylvania is raising new questions about the role that race plays in the American justice system. A judge has postponed a murder trial until African Americans make up at least 10 percent of the jury pool. Should race be a factor when picking a jury? We’ll ask FOX News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

And, a new firestorm is flaring over a twist in the human cloning debate as the American Medical Association approves the practice of cloning human stem cells. Should human embryos be cloned in order to help the advancement of science? We’ll get a fair and balanced debate.

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