Demi Moore, Chris Noth and From Justin to Kelly

Demi's big money makeover, Chris Noth sounds off and From Justin to Kelly in The Foxlight.

Demi Moore looks good these days -- but would you pay 38 cents on the dollar to look like a million? The New York Post says she's spent $380,000 dollars in cosmetic surgery to look get her updated look. For that, you get a lot of liposuction, some breast implant reduction, a little collagen and some porcelain caps for the teeth. That explains why she can take a bullet in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle and not hit any natural tissue.

Next Sex and The City is back and I'm happy. But was Mr. Big doing some big time celebrating before he talked to Fox News at the posh premiere the other night?

Chris Noth: "I don’t need to tell you how I feel about Fox News, you yell it at us, you liberals leftists! By the way, have we found any weapons of mass destruction yet?"

Uh no, but what's powering you?

Finally, one good thing came out of the dismal box office for From Justin to Kelly. No cameo for Rueben. Him in a Speedo, we do not need to see. And a buddy cop movie -- or any movie for Ruben and Clay? Not likely after this.