Below the Fold for June 22

Let's check out some political stories we found Below the Fold:

Sue Me? Sue You!

The Reverend Al Sharpton (search) is threatening to sue Michigan Republican lawmaker Marc Shuman for having described Sharpton as a man with a "long-standing history of inciting bigotry and intolerance on a prominent stage."

Sharpton's attorney describes the claim as "outright defamation of character," claiming Sharpton has been quoted out of context. Shulman says he'll counter-sue if Sharpton goes to court. No word on who will get the pay per view rights to the insult-fest.

Hat in the Ring Time?

Ralph Nader (search) says he may run for president again and might even pursue the Republican nomination. He offered the blockbuster news to the French Press Agency, adding that a primary battle against George W. Bush would, "give the American people a choice as to the political institutions they desire and the clean elections they deserve."

Either that, or a choice between a popular president and a smudge in the road.

What a Web We Weave

Sen. Orrin Hatch (search) has infuriated Internet mavens by suggesting that computer companies install software that would destroy computers that download copyrighted music without the consent of those who hold the copyright. One wag suggested the senator also demand that mattresses explode when consumers remove the tags.

As it turns out, Hatch's proposal would have led to the destruction of all his own computers, since his congressional Website used software lifted without permission from the Net. To make matters worse, some malefactor also installed a link to a porn site. Both problems apparently have been rectified -- and Hatch has backed away from his original suggestion. He now recommends, "moderate remedies."