Topics and Guests: June 19

Tonight... Get on the Record!

How concerned should the United States be about the situation in Iran (search)? Are we drawing closer to a confrontation with North Korea (search)? How can the U.S. guide both Israel and the Palestinians back to the peace table? Is there still hope for the road map?

Former four-time presidential advisor and Editor-at-Large for U.S. News and World Report David Gergen goes on the record!

Plus, why is Canada (search) endorsing gay marriages? What does this mean for men and women in the gay community in the United States?

Also, here comes Harry! As children around the world anxiously await the arrival of the latest Harry Potter book, one New York tabloid is being sued for $100 million dollars over a Potter related story. What's going on! Has Harry cast a spell over all of us? We'll have the details!

And later, what's the latest in the Laci Peterson murder case? We'll ask the members of tonight's legal roundtable to go on the record when victim's rights attorney Gloria Allred and criminal defense attorneys Geoffrey Feiger, Bernie Grimm, and Ted Williams join us.

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--The Associated Press contributed to this story.

Note: Topics and guests are suject to change