Topics and Guests for June 19

Basketball, business, and his battle with HIV, Neil sits down in a special interview with All-Star Magic Johnson on his possible jump from the basketball court to the political arena.

Plus, from the kitchen to the courtroom, Martha Stewart (search) is back to face the judge. As both sides prepare for a January court date -- instead of a speedy trial -- will that help, or hurt  Martha's defense? We’ll ask John Coffee, law professor at Columbia University; FOX News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, and FOX News legal analyst Lis Wiehl.

The International Atomic Energy Agency is talking tough on Iran. Can the international community force this axis of evil member back into the fold? Mort Kondracke, executive editor at Roll Call, and Jack Spencer, senior policy analyst on defense and national security at the Heritage Foundation, join the debate.

We’ll take the markets’ temperature with Hilary Kramer, president of A&G Capital, and Bob Froehlich, vice chairman and chief investment strategist at Scudder Investments.

Don’t look now, but NASCAR isn’t just your southern-bumpkin, confederate flag waving, spectator sport anymore. A new sponsorship with Nextel Communications means a whole new way to promote racing. We’ll get the details from NASCAR COO George Pyne.

Plus, before you pick up that doughnut, you might want to think twice. Too many beefed up employees are racking up the medical bills and weighing on companies' bottom lines. So now, getting workers to trim the fat is a top priority for many employers. And some of the biggest names in corporate America have hired Helen Darling, president of the Washington Business Group, to help them do it.

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