Thursday, June 19: Gathering Under a Storm

The U.S. Catholic bishops had hoped that their annual meeting would pass unnoticed. It won't as a series of controversies continues to dog the Catholic Church.

From the resignation of Gov. Keating (search), to the disgrace of the former bishop of Phoenix, what lies at the heart of the Catholic Church’s problem? We’ll be joined by Joe Starrs, director of American Life League for the Defense of our Catholic Church.

Plus, breaking details in a story that we broke on Dayside on Wednesday. Sarah Saga, an American woman who cannot leave Saudi Arabia without her husband’s permission, has been holed up in the American consulate. Sarah’s mother, Debbie Dornier, joins us with an update.

And, we’ll ask Michael Wildes, immigration attorney, about the impact of media attention on cases like these.

We’ll get the latest on the capture of the heir to the Max Factor make-up fortune from FOX News’ Anita Vogel.

When can we expect Andrew Luster (search) to be returned to the United States? We’ll ask Doug Burns, former federal prosecutor, and Robert Gottleib, criminal defense attorney.

And, how was Luster tracked down? We’ll get the details from Beth Smith, wife and assistant of Duane "Dog" Chapman, the bounty hunter who captured Andrew Luster.

All that plus, Martha Stewart back in the hot seat, as the homemaking guru and her stockbroker return to court for a hearing in connection with their indictment for insider trading and obstruction of justice over the sale of her ImClone stock. We’ll get the latest developments from FOX News’ Catherine Herridge.

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