The Hulk, Alex & Emma and From Justin to Kelly

The less-than-incredible Hulk, Alex & Emma's bad chemistry and Justin and Kelly's mysterious new musical in The Foxlight.

Remember when the Hulk's first name was "incredible?" Now, he's just The Hulk, and critics agree he's less than incredible. The rumors of unconvincing CGI isn't the problem now that the film is here -- it's the story. Fun and camp on TV years ago, it's leaden and humorless according to most reviews. Still, a wide opening means it could make around $75 million this weekend according to Box Office Guru Web site. That sounds like a lot of "green," but the movie cost more than twice that.

Next, Rob Reiner knows how to direct great romantic comedies like When Harry Met Sally, so what happened with Alex & Emma? While the Hulk is a bad chemistry movie for a completely different reason, this thing has the same problem with Kate Hudson and Luke Wilson. USA Today calls it mediocre and that's one of the compliments. It's a romantic comedy that's neither romantic nor very comic. What kind of meathead made this?

Finally, I can't tell you too much about From Justin to Kelly because they wouldn't show it to critics. That's never a sign of great quality. And fans of the pair will show up no matter so maybe reviews are just pesky time-wasters. Box Office Guru says maybe they'll sing a $6 million song.