Ace in the Hole: Cut a Deal or Make him Squeal?

The No. 3 man in Saddam Hussein's deposed government has been captured in Iraq, U.S. officials confirmed Wednesday.

Abid Hamid Mahmud al-Tikriti (search) was No. 4 on the U.S. most-wanted list of Iraqi leaders, behind only Saddam and sons Qusai and Odai.

Mahmud has detailed knowledge of Saddam's personal security arrangements and Iraq's alleged chemical, biological and nuclear weapons programs, U.S. officials said. He was ranked third in authority, they said, with more power than Odai, Saddam's erratic elder son.

Ace in the hole: Cut a deal or make him squeal?

A sample of your responses:

We cut deals in our every day political moves, so why not cut a deal here. Unfortunately the only way we can make any progress is "what do you want from me if I get what I want from you". It's a poor system but it IS the American way.
Warren A.
Moultrie, GA

Squeal or Deal? Yes. Whatever it takes.
Herb M.
Austin, TX

Make him squeal bring out Barney and Metallica.
Billie R.
State College, PA

We should not make a deal with # 4. We should tell him he will be given to the Kurdish population as they already have a judicial system in place.
Jane T.
Peachtree City, GA

Regarding the Ace – cut a deal.  Let’s find those WMD’s, and silence another batch of critics.
Dave M.

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