Topics and Guests for Thursday, June 19

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June 19:

It's attack of the Democrats as presidential candidate John Kerry makes a blistering attack on President Bush's reasons for going to war with Iraq
Terry McAuliffe, DNC chair
Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House

Major fighting is long over in Iraq, but U.S. troops are still facing deadly dangers along every road. Are these attacks being coordinated by an organized resistance?
Entifadh Qanbar of the Iraqi National Congress

Convicted rapist Andrew Luster has been extradited and is back in Los Angeles, but left sitting in a Mexican jail on kidnapping charges is the bounty hunter who really caught him. What implications do bounty hunters face when crossing the border?
Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

The president of the University of Massachusetts is breaking an eight-year silence about his mobster brother. James "Whitey" Bulger was an FBI informant linked to 21 murders. He dropped out of sight in 1995. The only place he can be found nowadays is on the FBI’s ten most wanted list
Edward Mackenzie, author of Street Soldier: My Life as an Enforcer for Whitney Bulger and the Boston Irish Mob
Paul Sullivan, talk show host and columnist for The Lowell Sun

California Gov. Gray Davis (search) is in a lot of trouble these days as his public approval rating plummets. Are his days numbered?
Darrel Issa, R-Calif.

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