Topics and Guests for June 18

From the baseball diamond to his charitable donations, New York Yankee Manager Joe Torre (search) talks to Neil about managing more than a portfolio.

As the search for weapons of mass destruction continues in Iraq, some former U.S. intelligence agents are accusing the White House of misusing the CIA. Did the Bush administration stretch the facts on weapons of mass destruction to justify an invasion on Iraq? We’ll ask Admiral Stansfield Turner, former CIA director under President Carter.

Plus, as the U.S. death toll in Iraq continues to rise, can anything be done to protect our troops? We’ll be joined by retired U.S. Marine Corps. Lt. Col. Bill Cowan, FOX News military analyst.

Are fast food lawsuits clogging up the nation’s legal system? We’ll get a fair and balanced debate from Rep. Ric Keller, R-Fla., and John Banzhaf, professor at George Washington University Law School.

Plus, why is Macy’s the defendant in a class-action civil rights suit? We’ll ask Sharon Simmons-Thomas and her attorney Kenneth Thompson, who are suing the retail stalwart.

Will investors have to wait until the Federal Reserve makes their next move before the market makes its next move? Charles Payne, CEO of Wall Street Strategies, and Gregg Hymowitz, founder of Entrust Capital, join the debate.

And, is there a way that you can lock in a home loan at today’s low rates and apply it to the next house you buy? We’ll ask Mitch Caplan, CEO of E*Trade Financial.

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