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Did you see FOX's Bret Baier in today's news conference with Donald Rumsfeld?

As usual, Bret hit the nail on the head. He asked the secretary of defense if interrogators were getting anything out of the Iraqi leadership figures that are in U.S. custody. 

Specifically, he asked if today's capture Abid Hamid Mahmud al-Tikriti (search) — Saddam Hussein's personal secretary — was giving up any information.

Rumsfeld said it would not be useful to answer that. Bret tried it again, and again Rumsfeld said it would not be useful to answer that question.

The federal prosecutors have an expression they use to describe this process. They call it squeezing the witness like a lemon.

So the Brits are suggesting the Americans offer plea bargain deals to these Iraqis in custody, including Tariq Aziz (search), to get good WMD information or clues to Saddam's fate or whereabouts.

It's a sensible suggestion. We all watch Law & Order and know that's how it's done.

But Rummy said that it would not be useful to answer that question. I think we can all take from that answer the obvious deduction that deals are being made, threats are being made and our side has not taken its eye off the ball.

Personally, I think these raids on American soldiers are part of a Saddam insurgency organization that evidently has money to pay assassins.

We have to squeeze these guys like lemons till we can find every single cash-rich bounty cell in Iraq, and more than WMD, we have to find Saddam.

When that is done, we can say the famous phrase: Peace is at hand.

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