Topics and Guests for Wednesday, June 18

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June 18:

The coalition is still rounding up Iraqis on the deck of most wanted cards, but the problem is that the detainees aren't saying much. Now Britain has come up with a solution
Tam Dalyell, Labour MP

The president declared that major combat in Iraq was pretty much over on May 1, but 50 U.S. troops have died since then
Ilene Prusher, a correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor

Taliban fighters in Afghanistan are still a threat to American troops. That's why leaders from the U.S., Pakistan and Afghanistan are trying to figure out how to hit them where they live
Khorshied Nusratty, FNC’s Afghanistan correspondent.

The Justice Department is putting an end to racial profiling, sort of. The feds say not to use it in every day police work, but go ahead when it comes to national security or terrorism
Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

Canada is ready to become only the third country ever to allow same sex marriages
Vic Toews, justice critic for the Canadian Alliance

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