Topics and Guests for June 18

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9 a.m. ET

The 2004 presidential election (search) may seem ages away, but political strategists on both sides of the aisle are already gearing up for a bruising battle. What are the mechanics of setting up a campaign? We’ll ask Joe Allbaugh, national campaign manager for Bush Cheney 2000.

Plus, meet Reno, the yellow Labrador that can count!

10 a.m. ET

The American Medical Association on Tuesday endorsed cloning for research purposes, saying it is medically ethical but allowing doctors who oppose the practice to refuse to perform it. What does it mean for the future of medical research? We’ll ask Dr. Michael Goodman, chair-elect of the Council of Ethical and Judicial Affairs.

11 a.m. ET

How far have Iran’s weapons of mass destruction program developed? We’ll be joined by John Pike, president of

12 p.m. ET

Which Democratic presidential candidate has the best chance to unseat President Bush? Jana Carter, former White House special counsel, weighs in.

2 p.m. ET

We’ll get the latest on the pursuit of Al Qaeda in the homeland from Major Jane Castor who coordinated homeland security for the Tampa Police Department.

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change.