Topics and Guests, June 16

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume:

It's back to the economy and domestic agenda. President Bush takes on New Jersey to talk about the benefits to small businesses of the tax cuts (search) he recently signed into law and hits back at mounting criticism of his justification for the war in Iraq.

Guest preview: Michael Ledeen, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, shares his thoughts on the situation in Iran.


The White House is focusing a great deal of attention on the Mideast (search) situation. Press Secretary Ari Fleischer says the president's message is that the best security comes from Israelis and Palestinians working together to fight terror.

The Senate Intelligence Committee (search) opens a closed-door hearing into prewar intelligence on Iraq. The hearings will take a closer look at what President Bush used to build his case against Iraq.

Armed with fresh intelligence, U.S. troops continue sweeping through towns west of Baghdad, looking for suspected militia leaders and caches of outlawed weapons.

The Supreme Court rules the government can ban campaign contributions from advocacy groups, a warm-up decision to the showdown over the broader new campaign finance law.

A hearing is scheduled for a U.S. soldier charged in the deadly grenade attack on troops in Kuwait that will determine whether the case will go to a court martial.

Pentagon spokeswoman Victoria Clarke resigns for personal reasons. She has held the job for two years, arriving the summer before the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center.

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