Topics and Guests for June 16

Protecting our borders, our ports and our homeland.

After a billion dollar security budget (search), is America really secure? We'll ask Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo.

We’ll take the markets’ temperature with Todd Leone, managing director and head of listed trading at SG Cowen, and Tom McManus, chief investment strategist at Banc of America Securities.

Is peace in the Middle East possible? We’ll ask Benny Elon, Israeli government cabinet member and minister of Tourism, why he thinks that there will be no peace until the threat from Hamas has been neutralized.

He was brought in watch over the bishops and help clean up the Catholic Church. But now former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating plans to step down as head of the National Catholic Review Board. We get the scoop on Keating’s planned resignation from Deal Hudson, editor of the Catholic magazine Crisis, and Father Thomas Reese, editor of America magazine.

Plus, can heartfelt new ad campaigns rebuild the public’s trust in corporate America? We’ll ask Camille Lavington, president of Camille Lavington and Associates and author of You've Only Got Three Seconds.

And, did CBS cross the line in its pursuit of the first interview with former POW Jessica Lynch? Andrew Grossman, Hollywood Reporter’s New York bureau chief, explains.

Find out tonight on n the next Your World with Cavuto.

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