Is Saddam Hussein Still Alive?

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Think Saddam Hussein is still alive?

Nobody knows for sure, except Saddam and whoever is with him at the moment, but I'm beginning to think so because the campaign in Iraq against American soldiers has all the earmarks of an insurgency designed to restore the former ruler to power.

I could be right or wrong. Once again, who knows... but as this tape of Saddam's son Udai the awful reminds us — the Saddam crowd is powerful and people are afraid of them.

Therefore, I think it would be prudent to proceed as if Saddam were alive and as if he were running this hit-and-run strategy against American forces.

There's nothing I've read that convinces me this insurgency against the Americans is from people who feel oppressed by the U.S. yoke, or who want the foreign invaders out of their land (though that is always possible down the road).

Reading reports from afar, this looks like the out-of-work Republican Guard and the out-of-work Baathists have hooked up with Saddam or his minions, who are then paying the jobless to make trouble.

So my advice is something the military commanders already know, and I have no doubt are already trying to do....

Find Saddam. When he is in custody, or dead, a big part of the trouble in Iraq stops.

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