WMD Probe: Need to Know, or Just a Show?

The Senate Intelligence Committee (search) will investigate whether intelligence assessments about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction program -- used in part to justify the war -- were accurate, committee Chairman Pat Roberts, R-Kan., said Wednesday.

Closed-door hearings will begin next week.

"While I am chairman, the committee will handle this review in a responsible manner untainted by politics and in a bipartisan manner," Roberts, flanked by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Porter Goss, R-Fla., and Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John Warner, R-Va., told reporters.

WMD probe: Need to know, or just a show?

A sample of your responses:

Don't you all think this constant slamming of the Bush administration over WMD is only sending a picture to the rest of the world that we can't be trusted?  Don't you think it is going to take time to find WMD, afterall they aren't going to leave them out in the open for us to see.
Elaine J.
Macon, GA

The investigation is all for show! Maybe the electorate should have an investigation panel of our own, and it would investigate each and every member of the House and Senate.  It would certainly be interesting to see what we might discover, and it would be amusing to watch the spin from the capitol building.  Let's start with Senator Ted Kennedy!!!

Who cares if WMD was found or not. It is obvious that Saddam used WMD on his own people, all of the containers found around Baghdad didn't just empty themselves of the WMD, and the trailers found are obvious that WMD did exist. Iraq is a big country, and I know it is there somewhere, or a state friendly to the old regime is "holding: so to speak. I think the argument is just liberal rhetoric, because the libs have no basis for a valid argument. They just want to attack Bush any way they can.
Leicester, NC

We need to know. Either we find the WMD's or we find SoDamn Insane.  I believe there were WMD's and they were hidden or are being held by some other nut for future use. If The Butcher of Baghdad is still alive he is just waiting for us to clear out so he can retaliate against those he thinks betrayed him.
Pat M.
Atlantic Highlands, NJ

This whole thing about the WMD and where they are is a total farce, first the lying liberal left says that twelve years of UN inspections wasn't enough time, and now after we have been looking for less time than it took Hillary to find a file or Janet Reno to clear out Waco, They demand an investigation. I think better use of an investigation would be spent looking into why we still send billions of dollars to countries like Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Yemen and  Saudi Arabia that still harbor and sponsor terrorists.
Marshfield, MA

Why doesn't anyone on your station, while talking about whether the administration thought the WMD's were real, talk about the fact that Congress and Clinton both agreed they were five years ago.  Why are you trying to make it look as though President Bush created the whole thing? How did Hussein  kill all those people without something of mass destruction?
Jan D.
Milan, IL

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