Topics and Guests for Monday, June 16

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June 16:

The Pentagon isn't having much luck finding weapons of mass destruction. That's causing political fallout for the Bush administration. Now CIA Director George Tenet has been ordered to take over the search
Timothy Burger, Washington bureau correspondent for Time magazine

Perhaps no other event lends itself to the cameras as well as a war
Bob Nickelsberg, photographer

Over the next two weeks, President Bush will be hitting up donors for his re-election campaign
Wayne Berman, Republican fundraiser and political strategist

The effort to recall Democratic Calif. Gov. Gray Davis is gaining momentum.
Phillip Matier, columnist with the San Francisco Chronicle

The Supreme Court rules the government can ban people from public housing projects
Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

A growing segment of the American population is achieving exactly half of the american dream. Reality TV shows are leaving many folks famous, without being rich. So what happens to the stars of those shows when the camera stops rolling?
Eddie Rosenstein, filmmaker of Reality People
Rick Velleu, filmmaker of Reality People

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